March 31, 2023

Students illustrated, wrote, and read aloud why there is “Only One Me”

After reading a story “Only One Me” students illustrated what makes him or her unique. They then described their picture while teachers transcribed their thoughts and helped students recite it in Mandarin.
March 30, 2023

NY Preschool 3’s read and act out “你为什么不开花 / Why Won’t You Flower?”

Students deepen their appreciation of the story "你为什么不开花 / Why Won't You Flower?” by acting out the story of a young gardener who has planted something in his garden but despite his care, it has not bloomed, and he asks, "Why won’t you flower?" He doesn’t realize something magical is happening below the ground. The story teaches our young readers to think from another perspective.
November 14, 2021

Mandarin Grade 5 & 6 Informational and Creative Writing

NJ Mandarin students Rachel Ma (Grade 6) describes a writing assignment in which students had to work in teams to write a story based on...