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COVID-19 Information

HudsonWay Immersion School Reopening 2020-2021

HudsonWay Immersion School’s commitment to provide an excellent and safe immersion education experience has been at the core of our decision-making and planning throughout the last several months.

HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS) is following the guidelines set forth by Governors Murphy and Cuomo with the expectation that transmission rates remain safe to open. We are operating five days per week for all students following a near normal daily schedule. We are able to safely social distance given our outsized space for our enrollment. Some students will be attending via remote learning.

Click to view latest school policy guidance - as of April 12, 2021
Click to view updated reopening plans - Updated August 25, 2020
Click to view our reopening roadmap - July 30, 2020.
Click to view updated decision trees for NY and NJ for COVID protocol – Updated January, 2021
Click to view decision trees for NY and NJ for COVID protocol – Updated December 1, 2020
March 2020 update on Covid-19 from Sue Ha, Head of school.

Health & Safety Measures for COVID-19 at NJ and NY HudsonWay campuses

Our Guiding Principles

• We are responsible to protect the physical and mental well-being of our students, faculty and staff
• We are committed to maximizing the effectiveness of the learning experience, whether on-site or remote
• We will adhere to the CDC and state regulations as a minimum, and modify as needed to ensure we protect our community
• We will strive to communicate as much as possible while respecting privacy

We believe we have a shared responsibility to follow guidelines that impact on the safety of our community.

Steps we are taking in the reopening process
1Health & Safety
  • Screener questionnaire – parents of all students will be required to complete a questionnaire daily prior to coming to school.
  • Temperature check – each student will have his/her temperature checked prior to entering the school with a wall mounted touchless temperature sensor.
  • Shoe sanitation – students will be required to sanitize shoes on a sanitation mat in the lobby of the school
  • Handwashing – students are required to wash hands or use sanitizer prior to entering the classroom each morning and throughout the day.
  • Face coverings: Preschool-7th grade – Students are required to wear a mask while indoors. A face shield will be provided when a mask cannot be used indoors such as during lunchtime
  • All staff are required to wear masks
  • Bathroom usage –there will be limits on the number of students using the bathroom at one time
2Communication and Access
  • Parents will be asked to drop students off from the car in a caravan (NJ campus) or drop off outside the building (NY campus)
  • Visitors including prospective parents will not be allowed to come on site
  • A staggered schedule will be provided to minimize groups of parents and students at drop off and pick up
  • After care – students will need to sign up in advance. Capacity will be limited and divided into cohorts.
4Teaching and Learning
  • Pods – students will stay in small groupings minimizing contact with students outside their pod
  • Specials teachers – specials will be taught in the homeroom class to minimize mixing of students in spaces
  • Supplies – each student will be provided with their own set of supplies – scissors, crayons etc. for only their use
  • Desks – older students will be seated at individual desks spaced 6’ apart, and facing the same direction
  • Conferencing – students working remotely will be visible to the entire classroom and will be able to follow the activities in the classroom using video conferencing technology
  • iPads and Chromebooks – each K-7 student will have access to their own device for use either remotely or in class. The school uses cloud-based web-filtering and parental controls to ensure digital safety. Student and parents sign a digital citizenship agreement.
  • Zoom, Google Classroom and other programs will be used
  • Classrooms with remote students have video conferencing technology available
6Disinfecting & Cleaning
  • Cleaning throughout the day – cleaning staff are onsite during the day to ensure areas such as bathrooms, and other high-touch areas are continually cleaned and disinfected
  • Training - cleaning staff are being ISSA certified (International Sanitary Supply Association)
  • Electrostatic sprayers – will be used to provide a mist of disinfection over large surface areas
  • Air filtering – air purifiers with HEPA filters are in each classroom at both campus locations
  • Touchless stations – installations for touchless temperature checking, faucets, soap, and paper towels dispensers
7Physical Education
  • Outdoors - Students will be outside whenever possible
  • No contact - Activities will ensure distancing and avoid contact
  • No sharing – equipment (balls, etc.) will not be shared, and will be disinfected between class usage
Questions about HudsonWay's COVID-19 protocols?