Join Us For Camp This Summer! 

Exploring our World in three exciting adventures through language and culture!

Each two-week study provides an age appropriate perspective on important aspects of our world.  Students gain cultural appreciation while developing language skills in a Mandarin or Spanish immersion environment.  Students are grouped by age and language ability. Activities will include exposure to science, geography, literature, cooking, art, music and outdoor activities.  Each two-week theme will culminate in a project and presentation.  Sign up for multiple sessions and save.

If you are interested in registering for camp,

please email Nicole Liu or call (212) 787-8088.

Week 1 (June 25-29) and Week 2 (July 2-6)

Water, Water, Everywhere – our preschool students explore the properties of water, where it comes from, and how it plays a role in the lives of people, plants and animals. Learn about the different types of water bodies – oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Our elementary students explore the water ecosystem in Cozumel, Mexico (Spanish) or along the coast of China (Mandarin). They will explore the flora and fauna, understand how the environment has impacted people living in the region with their celebration of foods and lifestyles. We will also reflect on changes in the ecosystem over time.  

Week 3 (July 9-13) and Week 4 (July 16-20)

Food from the Earth – our preschool students will explore how food is grown all around the world, how we can become healthy eaters and how we prepare food in cooking activities. Our elementary students explore how different regions in the Mandarin or Spanish speaking worlds have developed into producers of foods such as rice from the Longji terraces in China, coffee from Columbia, bananas from Ecuador or sugar from Cuba. How have people in different regions learned to adapt to the land? Learn about the importance of these foods reflected in art, music, cooking, and stories of the regions.

Week 5 (July 23-27) and Week 6 (July 30-August 3)

Manmade Wonders – our preschool students will explore the different types of buildings, bridges and transportation found all around the world. Are these manmade wonders today different from those of years ago? Our elementary students explore the changes in our engineering and architectural feats across Mandarin or Spanish regions from years ago to today. From the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors to the Three Gorges Dam and the Bailong Elevator we explore how the Chinese constructed these marvels. What do structures such as Machu Picchu in Peru or Chichen Itza from Mexico tell us about how people lived? How did the Panama Canal shape the region? What are the needs of tomorrow?


  • Location: 175 Riverside Blvd (at 68th) for preschool and 80 Riverside Blvd (at 64th) for elementary
  • Preschool: ages 2-5, Elementary ages 6-12
  • Three two-week sessions from June 25th to August 3rd
  • One local field trip provided each session for elementary students
  • 9 AM to 3 PM
  • 100% in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish
  • Experienced, native speaking teachers
  • All language levels welcome with students grouped by age and language level
  • Before-care available from 8 AM to 9 AM (an additional $50 per camper per week)
  • Extended care available from 3 PM to 5 PM (an additional $100 per camper per week)