Join Us For Camp This Summer!

Exploring our World in three exciting adventures through language and culture!

Each two-week study provides an age-appropriate perspective on important aspects of our world. Students acquire an appreciation for diverse cultures while developing language skills in a Mandarin or Spanish immersion environment. Activities will include exposure to science, geography, literature, cooking, art, music, and outdoor activities. Each two-week theme will culminate in a project and presentation. Students are grouped by age and language ability. Sign up for multiple sessions and save.

Camp runs from 9am3pm (or 9am12pm for half-day campers).


Under the Sea Weeks 1 & 2 | Jun 24 – Jul 5, 2019 (Closed on Jul 4): Our youngest students “travel” under the sea to explore mermaids, shells, fish, whales, sharks, and other marine life, and further explore the aquatic world through nature and crafts projects. Of course, no Under the Sea week would be complete without some wet & wild water games, and plenty of other ways of beating the summer heat! Our elementary students explore marine animal and plant life from around the world, and learn about the importance to our environment of this fascinating and thriving ecosystem. We will explore how seas differ from continent to continent, and, finally, create beautiful crafts evocative of the sea and its creatures!

Junior Chef Weeks 3 & 4 | Jul 8 – 19, 2019: For Junior Chef week, the mission is to engage aspiring home cooks with an exciting and enriching culinary experience. Campers develop strong cooking capabilities, healthy eating habits, and personal growth skills while having the time of their lives. Through team challenges and competitions, they form strong connections and create unforgettable memories! Our elementary students learn how to create unique ethnic dishes with ingredients you can’t find just anywhere!

HudsonWay Olympics Weeks 5 & 6 | Jul 22 – Aug 2, 2019: For HudsonWay Olympics week, campers are divided into five countries representing each of the five Olympic rings, and we develop our own unique opening and closing ceremonies, complete with an Olympic torch run, medals and other Olympic traditions. Activities include various summer and winter Olympic sports, often tweaked in fun and unusual ways. Our elementary students will also explore how throughout history the Olympics have helped bring countries closer together, and learn the personal stories and triumphs that are forever a part of history.

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Registration Fee for New Families$25
Cancellation Fee (Prior to *Jun 1) $100
Biweekly Rate for Before Care (8–9am)$100
Biweekly Rate for Extended Care (3–5pm) $200

* Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds after 6/1.