December 6, 2021

On Well Being, Achievement, and Living a Good Life

In defining well-being, Dr. Murphy considers that part of thriving in life is doing the things that allow us to function on the highest end of our scale. These include being true to who we are, enjoying life, and contributing to society.
November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving and Other Cultural Celebrations

We want to celebrate, we want to honor people and history, and we want to be grateful. Yet, history is complex. Many holidays and celebrations overlook this fact. Understandably, it is easier to celebrate the surface story than it is to try to figure out how to incorporate context, and still celebrate. It is particularly difficult to do this with young students.
September 15, 2021

Does your child ever have tantrums?

Tantrums are a stress response involving the "lizard" brain. The amygdala (emotions), and they hypothalamus (heart rate, temperature). Adults have similar responses, but our developed pre-frontal cortex helps us to regulate our reactions (most of the time).
September 10, 2021

Words That Support and Encourage Students

For this Edutopia article, Stephen Merrill checked with a number of highly proficient teachers and collected seven comments they use to empower students and create a supportive classroom environment.
September 5, 2021

Social media, smartphones and our kids’ wellbeing

In a well-researched and well-linked opinion piece from NYT, Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist from NYU Stern School of Business (who I had the pleasure to hear at an NAIS conference a while back) and Jean M. Twenge..
September 1, 2021

How to create joy in our environment

As I watched our students joyfully and tirelessly playing with the bubbles emitted by a bubble machine on Saturday in our pumpkin festival, I remembered this TED talk about joy.
August 28, 2021

Is Gratitude good for our Immune System?

Stress is one of the great challenges for our society. One of the ways to counter stress is to cultivate well-being. The Greater Good Science Center from University of California, Berkeley is a wonderful source of information on the research behind emotional well-being.