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HudsonWay Immersion School is unique for its intimate, diverse and supportive community of leaders, staff, parents, alumni and students.

We bring our community together each year for events such as the traditional Autumn Moon picnic, Chinese New Year presentation, Hispanic Heritage Month, Carnivale, and Art Auction Gala.

Parent Resources

2023-2024 School Holidays calendar

Uniform Order

HWIS School Swag -Culture & Cloth Online Store

Lands’ End, school code: 900144858

Dress Code

White, yellow or green polo shirts with khaki pants, skirt, or shorts. On gym days students should wear navy bottoms (gym shorts and/or navy sweats), white t-shirt, and sneakers. For safety reasons, sandals, crocs or flats are discouraged.  Learn more.

HWISPA Newsletters

2023 Issue 1: August 18, 2023
2023 Issue 2: September 11, 2023
2023 Issue 3: October 08, 2023

People to Know

Principal - Martha Ortiz:

Educational ECE leader - Lucy Hao:

Mandarin elementary leader - Mandy Xiang:

Spanish elementary leader - Paula Olarte:

Office manager - Martha Gallo:

After school and extended care manager - Maria Caceres:

Billing manager - Jim Todd:

Chief Administrative Officer and COVID Coordinator - Bill Hicks:

Marketing manager - Priyanka Agarwal:

Admissions Director - Sharon Huang: