Summer Adventures @HWIS

We offer a fun, immersive environment integrating language, science, math and art– all while developing students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Mandarin or Spanish! Themes include: “Birds, Planes, UFOs”, “Our Warming Planet”, "Cooking Around the World" and “Olympics - The Science of Sports”.
In addition to the theme-oriented and project-based learning in the classroom, our camps integrate sports activities to keep the learning active and fun!

HWIS has been a leader in immersion education for over 18 years with camps taught by experienced educators who are native speakers of Mandarin or Spanish.

Our unique camp offers:

  • 100% Mandarin or Spanish immersion
  • Small class sizes and low student to teacher ratio
  • Classes are grouped by age and language level for optimal language acquisition
  • Sports instruction delivered daily by a PE coach
  • Flexible registration options


Camp Hours:

  • Half day: 9am -12pm (an option for students ages 2-4y, NY and 2.5-4y, NJ)
  • Full day: 9am – 3pm
  • Before Care: 8 – 9am (additional cost)
  • After Care: 3 - 6pm (additional cost)

Session I – Birds, Planes, UFOs - All Things That Soar (June 24 – July 5)

We will ignite campers’ curiosity as we explore all things that soar! Whether it’s understanding how birds migrate, communicate in formation, or protect their young, we will explore the wonder of the more than 10,000 species that grace our skies. We will also explore the ways technology has enabled humans to explore the skies with airplanes and rockets. We will explore the history and science behind airplanes, and engage in creative storytelling about UFOs and space exploration.

Session II – Our Warming Planet (July 8 – July 19)

During this two-week theme we develop an understanding of why the earth is warming, what impact it has and what can be done to reduce global warming. We learn how these changes impact weather, animal ecosystems, and populations around the world. Campers will participate in hands-on learning creating eco-friendly crafts, turning classrooms into recycling centers, and learning how each of us can reduce our carbon footprint. We will learn how technology is helping us live more sustainably.

Session III – Cooking Around the World (July 22 – August 2)

Campers will embark on a culinary adventure focusing on different regions of the world each week. We learn about culture, language and geography through familiar recipes of each region. Campers will also learn how eating habits and nutrition differ around the world. Each week culminates in a mini 'world food festival' where we share our creative creations with one another.

Session IV – Olympics – The Science of Sports (August 5 – August 9)

Campers will “dive” into the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024! We explore different competitions, learn about the physical training, physics of movement, and importance of nutrition and hydration in sports. Campers will create their own summer olympics learning about teamwork and sportsmanship in a fun, competitive environment!

New Jersey’s Stirling Campus:

In addition to educational development, campers are immersed in PE, sports, and athletic activities including soccer, kickball, gaga ball, golf, basketball, baseball just to name a few.

  • An outdoor field with great fun games for learning, sports, and play
  • A full-sized indoor gymnasium & basketball court
  • A fenced-in playground for safe play
  • A library for students to access both Mandarin and Spanish books
  • Large classrooms - fully air-conditioned and equipped with an air purifier in each room

New York’s Midtown West Campus

  • A nearby outdoor field for learning, sports, and play
  • A full-size indoor gymnasium
  • A dedicated and well-equipped preschool playroom
  • A library for students to access both Mandarin and Spanish books
  • Sports Exercise Instruction Delivered Daily by an Instructor
  • Large classrooms - fully air-conditioned and equipped with an air purifier in each room