Global Adventures @HWIS

In-Person | fun and safe | language and discovery

The long wait is over! Summer @ HWIS this year will be in-person on our Stirling, NJ or Midtown West, NYC campuses! Your child can be immersed in Mandarin or Spanish without having to travel to China or Spain!

1Session I – Week 1&2: June 28 – July 9: From Farm to Table
What is the system that gets food from farm to table and how does this system affect the environment?   How does this system differ around the world? Preschool and elementary students explore the start of our complex food system through hands on exposure to gardening.  They engage in a lesson seeing how milk comes from a farm to the table.  They discuss how products are processed, packaged, and transported to stores, restaurants and homes.    Students analyze their personal food choices and learn about nutrition.   Finally, they discuss the impact these choices have on global warming and climate change.
2Session II – Week 3&4: July 12 – July 23: The Mighty Jungle
Did you know that jungle rainforests cover only a small part of the earth's surface - about 6%, yet they are home to over half the species of plants and animals in the world? In this session we explore what plants and animals live in the jungle, why they live there and whether changes in the rainforest affect them. We also discuss why rainforests around the world are being destroyed and what impact this has on plants, animals, and global warming. We discuss ways in which we can slow the destruction.
3Session III – Week 5&6: July 26 – August 6: The Space Race
In this session students learn about initial efforts to explore worlds beyond our own. Review the history of the race between the US and the Soviet Union in landing a man on the moon. Who was involved and why was it important? Younger students explore what it was like for astronauts to travel to space. They have fun building rockets and learning how far they had to travel to land on the moon. Finally, explore what our scientists are now discovering about Mars and other planets.
Our unique camp offers:
  • Mandarin or Spanish immersion
  • Each class is a designated cohort taught in large rooms for safe social distancing
  • Classes are grouped by age and level for optimal language acquisition
Camp Hours:
  • Half day: 9am -12pm (NJ - for ages 3&4 only, NY - for ages 2-4 only)
  • Full day: 9am – 3pm
  • After Care: 3 - 6pm at additional cost
Language instruction is provided by HWIS full-time, experienced faculty.

During each two-week session, students experience the most effective way to learn a second language while learning about topics important in today’s world. HWIS been a leader in immersion education for over 15 years with camps taught by experienced educators who are native speakers of Mandarin or Spanish.

In addition to the theme-guided and project-based learning in the classroom, we are adding sports and increased outdoor time to the daily schedule of our camps! All while ensuring students are having fun and learning in a safe environment! Register now using the links below.

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