At HudsonWay Immersion School, students age 2 through Grade 8 achieve remarkable academic outcomes and outperform their monolingual peers, while becoming bilingual and biliterate in Mandarin or Spanish.


HudsonWay Immersion School has openings for the 2021-2022 school year!

Limited spots for 2020-21 school year.

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    Midtown West, NYCStirling, NJRemote

    HudsonWay Immersion School Early Childhood Program | New York City

    A five-day preschool experience to maximize student social-emotional development and classroom cohesiveness

    HudsonWay Immersion School Elementary School | New York City

    Educators systematically teach all content matter in the target language with increasing exposure to English each year, ensuring mastery and depth.

    Aimed at producing bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural global citizens, students in middle school receive instruction in the target language for 40% of the day and in English for 60% of the day.

    Rigorous, academic curriculum with proven results.​

    Students excel on Educational Records Bureau ( ERB ) assessments in English and Math with the median score of 92 for students assessed from grade 3.

    HudsonWay Immersion School uses the Singapore Math curriculum with students typically one year ahead of similar age students in traditional, monolingual schools.

    Ninety percent of HWIS students who have stayed through elementary school, have been accepted to their first-choice independent school in NJ and NY. Our students bring a unique set of multi-cultural skills and perspectives to a school community. Students say that they were easily able to transition and were well prepared for success at their school of choice.

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    6-feet social distancing for on-site learning 5 days per week.

    At each campus location (Stirling, NJ and Midtown West, NYC) we have about 100 students in a facility that can accommodate over 225 students enabling us to safely social distance at 6 feet, for the full day – 5 days per week.

    An option for fully remote learning 5 days per week.
    Students will have the option of being remote for the entire year, or at each trimester, making a decision to switch between on-site and remote. Students at home will be integrated in the classroom with technology enabling the student at home to feel a part of the on-site experience.

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    • HudsonWay Immersion School is a great school! My daughter started at age 2.5 yrs old in their preschool program and with one year in the program, she now speaks fluent mandarin (she didn’t speak it before attending the school)! All the teachers are loving and caring, know every child well and give parents great feedback on child’s progress. I also love the school community where it’s diverse, inclusive and supporting one another. My husband and I are very pleased with the level of quality education and care that my daughter is receiving from the school. 

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    • Overall, it is a great school! The teachers all are very well educated and have passion with children. My daughter goes to HudsonWay Immersion School and she likes it, she used to be a shy little girl and now she is very confident girl and feel comfortable when speaking to public. we are planning to send our second child to here too. Definitely highly recommend! 

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