Elementary Immersion Education

Our Elementary Program provides an academically strong general education while developing bilingualism and biliteracy skills that will set your child apart

Building on the strong foundation developed in preschool, the elementary program employs a full immersion model. Students receive content instruction for language arts, math, science, and social studies, in the target language, for 80% of the day in Kindergarten & Grade 1, with a gradual increase in time spent in English as they develop through the program. It is through this intensive exposure to academic content in a second language that students develop mental flexibility, leading to greater cognitive abilities and advanced language proficiency.

Standardized test results for our students in grades 3 through 5 show, on average, significantly higher scores in subject matter tested in English as compared to the national norm of independent schools, as well as a higher level of language proficiency compared to other immersion programs.

Peek Inside a Kindergarten English Class Kindergarten, English Class

We select best in-class curriculum by subject area to ensure that learning is hands on, inquiry-based, and deep. Content is divided by unit, with essential questions that guide learning. Our goal is to ensure that students develop a passion for acquiring knowledge, and a curious mind.

We employ flexible groupings & continual assessments to ensure that we are able to differentiate thus maximize learning for each student. Students may be grouped, by level, with five to eight others, younger or older. Different groups for different content areas ensures that a student who, for example, excels in math will be working one to two grade levels above his/er age, while also working with his/er peers in language arts.

All elementary students beginning in Kindergarten are assigned a Chromebook. Technology is integrated into project work from an early age.

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