Remote Learning

The faculty and administration at HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS) are committed to excellence in remote learning and have transformed our on-site language immersion curriculum in Mandarin and Spanish to ensure that all grade levels—early childhood, elementary and middle school—receive a rigorous, high-quality virtual learning experience characteristic of HWIS.

The blended, remote learning model at HWIS includes:

• Synchronous real-time classes during the regular school day, and
• Asynchronous classes that can be viewed by the student on demand

Our Remote Learning Commitment

To ensure that HWIS delivers the highest quality blended remote learning experience to our students, we are committed to:

• continuous communication with students and families
• timely feedback about student assignments
• detailed instructions for assignments and clearly-outlined expectations
• varied, multi-faceted activities that enrich the core curriculum
• appropriate use of technology—iPads, laptops. Google Classroom, Zoom Video Conferencing
• packets of materials developed by our teachers that can accompany online lessons
• thoughtful balance of on and off-screen assignments

Building Our Virtual Community

At HudsonWay Immersion School, we know that remote learning excellence encompasses far more than a high-quality curriculum. We are committed to maintaining the continuity of our diverse HWIS community and keeping our families and students connected virtually. Our educators love sharing their many skills with our students and families.

Please visit our YouTube channel and enjoy some of the many creative activities shared by our educators, including:

• physical education exercises
• music lessons
• learning how to bake a cake

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