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At HudsonWay Immersion School, students age 2 through Grade 8 achieve remarkable academic outcomes and outperform their monolingual peers, while becoming bilingual and biliterate in Mandarin or Spanish.

Are you looking for a private school that:
1Provides a rigorous, academic curriculum that students find engaging with proven results?
Students excel on Educational Records Bureau ( ERB ) assessments in English and Math with the median score of 92 for students assessed from grade 3. HudsonWay Immersion School uses the Singapore Math curriculum with students typically one year ahead of similar age students in traditional, monolingual schools.
2Enables 6-feet social distancing for on-site learning 5 days per week in a full-day program with specials?
At each campus location (Stirling, NJ and Midtown West, NYC) we have about 100 students in a facility that can accommodate over 225 students enabling us to safely social distance at 6 feet, for the full day – 5 days per week.
3Develops biliteracy that differentiates your child in admissions to top schools, and in the job market?
Students can join our preschool or elementary full immersion program without prior background in the target language. They learn all subjects in Mandarin or Spanish developing high proficiency. HudsonWay students achieve the distinction of “Global Seal of Biliteracy” and often score a 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement (AP) exam by the end of middle school.
4Provides individualized learning and support in a small classroom environment?
In preschool, our student-to-teacher ratios are low (4:1 for 2’s, 6:1 for 3’s and 8:1 for 4’s). In elementary school, our average class size is approximately 10 students per class.
5Delivered an excellent remote learning program during the shutdown?
Our remote program engaged students with daily live interaction with teachers in a combination of live and pre-recorded lessons following best practices for remote learning. All the specials continued to be taught with students as young as 2 years of age engaged in lessons. The parent feedback has been tremendous with parents expressing no loss of education during this past school year shutdown.
6Has an excellent ex-missions track record of students accepted to top-tier independent schools?
Ninety percent of HWIS students who have stayed through elementary school, have been accepted to their first-choice independent school in NJ and NY. Our students bring a unique set of multi-cultural skills and perspectives to a school community. Students say that they were easily able to transition and were well prepared for success at their school of choice.
7Has a tuition 40% below other top-tier private schools and offers sibling discounts for families ?
When compared to other top independent schools in the area, HudsonWay HWIS has a tuition 40% below other schools. We also offer sibling discounts of 5% for a second child, and 10% for three or more children. During this challenging time, we have allocated additional COVID -19 relief and financial aid and welcome families with multiple children as well.

HudsonWay Immersion School has openings for the 2021-2022 school year!

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    Midtown West, NYCStirling, NJ

    Read what some parents have said about HudsonWay….

    • William F.
      What we like best about the school is its results ... we tried other schools, some of which claimed to be “immersion,” as well as tutors and software, but none were effective. The key advantage ... is it is truly an immersion program, with abundant exposure to native language speakers. My wife and I do not speak a word of Mandarin, but our son now speaks it fluently.
      William F.
    • Andrew P.
      The commitment and enthusiasm of the teachers is beyond anything we have seen. Our kids love going to school and we feel their progress is a direct result of the efforts and attitude of the teaching staff.
      Andrew P.
    • Theresa S
      My daughter loves it... the teachers and staff are so caring and dedicated. My favorite moments are when, out of nowhere, my 4-year old is talking to a native Spanish speaker and I get to see the look of amazement on their face. No doubt, this is one of the best gifts we can be giving our children.
      Theresa S
    • Jenn
      I’ve been very impressed with all the teachers and administrators during this time. They have created a great schedule and are working so hard to run their classes and provide a seamless experience. Although it’s a hectic day for me, I have been very happy with the live classes and work assignments. I appreciate the school going above and beyond during this time!  
    • Leah and Andy
      Leah and I are both school leaders ourselves and have high expectations for our children and for HWIS, and we know when teachers are being effective and really going ABOVE AND BEYOND.  I have been observing Zoom classes for my kids and I see your teachers are truly making a powerful difference, even with their own kids at home, too.  It's heartening and inspirational.  We will be forever grateful …every minute of every day does make a difference.  
      Leah and Andy
    • Sarah
      The Spanish Immersion program at HWIS/NY is beyond amazing! After less than a year of instruction, our daughter's progress is outstanding--she is already conveying full thoughts and sentences in Spanish, even though we do not speak Spanish at home. The quality of the curriculum has exceeded our expectations in every way--not only are the students fully immersed in the target language, but the content of what they are learning is also exceptional and on par with their age group. The teachers go above and beyond and their nurturing and engaging delivery has our daughter eager to learn. The entire school administration has made us feel like family. We could not ask for a better experience and we are SO HAPPY we found this school! It is a beacon of light amidst the chaos of education in NYC!  
    • Hudson Way is a great school. Their bilingual/immersion program excelled my expectations. My son is in the PreK Spanish Program and he has been learning so much. Learning how to read in both languages, acquiring fluency, developing his math skills, and being exposed to different cultures. The teachers, parents, and staff are very engaged.  
      Parent on
    • I think the whole staff is doing a great job . Specially at this times being home with the kids . How the teacher’s present the student with their home work . Thank you teachers for the great job their doing .  
      Parent on
    • We are five years at the school - we’ve been through a change of location and administration and the school continues to deliver without missing a beat. My girls are happy being there - sometimes I can’t get them to leave - and my husband is always impressed with their progress. We’re so glad they’ve expanded into middle school!  STRONGLY AGREE: This school effectively deals with bullying.  No tolerance. We had an issue - it was reported and resolved quickly.  STRONGLY AGREE: This school has an effective approach to homework.  HudsonWay keeps up to date on what kind of homework is the most effective for what age, so homework is not overwhelming and able to be done by the students independently.  STRONGLY AGREE: Teachers at this school are effective.  The teachers are all certified, smart individuals who are compassionate, patient and great communicators. I’m never surprised at my child’s conferences or by what I see on her report card.  STRONGLY AGREE: This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion and respect.  I see my children developing strong values - the message is for them to do the right thing and to help others.  STRONGLY AGREE: Leadership at this school is effective.  Messaging from the top down is clear. I receive regular updates and information on the school’s priorities and our transition to elearning during the COVID crisis has been very smooth. That can’t happen without effective leadership.  
      Parent on
    • Overall, it is a great school! The teachers all are very well educated and have passion with children. My daughter goes to HudsonWay Immersion School and she likes it, she used to be a shy little girl and now she is very confident girl and feel comfortable when speaking to public. we are planning to send our second child to here too. Definitely highly recommend! 
      Parent on
    • HudsonWay Immersion School is a great school! My daughter started at age 2.5 yrs old in their preschool program and with one year in the program, she now speaks fluent mandarin (she didn't speak it before attending the school)! All the teachers are loving and caring, know every child well and give parents great feedback on child's progress. I also love the school community where it's diverse, inclusive and supporting one another. My husband and I are very pleased with the level of quality education and care that my daughter is receiving from the school. 
      Parent on
    • Daughter joined Kindergarten this year at their new location in Stirling. School building is a great size and has lots of playgrounds. Most positive aspect is their immersion and well-educated teachers. Daughter has positive stories from school everyday about their learnings.  
      Parent on
    • Amazing school! Coming from the West Coast where immersion is widely accepted, I had my doubt about HudsonWay- Is it as good as those expensive schools in SF? I was blown away by how wonderfully my kids are doing. To start with, it is their favorite school so far. My older one is in K, but she had been to four programs before HundsonWay and finds HudsonWay as her favorite. My younger one dances into the classroom every day. Academically, they are also doing wonderfully, not only with Mandarin but also with English, Math, Music and Science. My kindergartner can even write certain full sentences in Mandarin without any reference. Highly recommended! 
      Parent at
    • My daughter began her studies at Hudson Way Immersion School when she was 3.5 years old and my son arrived at the school a year later. Both myself and the children were slightly apprehensive when we began the program. Our family does not have any Mandarin fluency, however the teachers were so kind and welcoming that the transition was completely rewarding. My daughter (now age 6.5) and my son (age 5) love the program and have been able to speak fluently with each other for some time now. 
      Parent at
    • We would like to thank you for a job well done! We are all very impressed with the e-learning approach. It was easy, organized, and the kids had a blast. It was fascinating to see the kids/teachers in action and to hear the little ones communicating in Mandarin among themselves. Especially when we have no Asian roots in our family.Thank you for being so proactive and ready during these unique times. Having the ability to rapidly adapt to change makes times like this one be more manageable and less chaotic; HWIS did just that.  Some, not all, private schools, which are well equipped with the same technology chose to close without offering the e-learning option at the moment.  The fact that we got to experience this alternative method prior to the spring break will allow for better planning on our (parents) end in the event the situation does not improve by then. 
      Parent on
    • Outstanding. My wife and I have three children, one girl and Two boys. Sending our first son to Hudsonway was the best educational decision we have ever made. My son loves speak Mandarin and he loves to go to school. He enjoys spending every moment staying at school and he loves his classmates and teacherA. It made the decision to send his siblings to school very easy. Our youngest is now a Junior. We are very lucky our boys wenT to Hudsonway. It truly is special place. 
      Parent on
    • The bilingual education at Hudson Way is great. As a non-mandarin speaker, I see my kids gaining a lot of confidence from having a special skill that others may lack. The small class sizes allow for great teaching. The school has done a good job with elearning in the face of COVID19. 
      Parent on
    • K. Lloyd
      We transitioned our twins from a Mandarin preschool and wanted them maintain the language those we are not native speakers. Hudson Way was totally the right choice. They language has flourish along with their English. I love the engaging nature of the curriculum. The environment is very inclusive and seeing all cultures being celebrated has definitely helped this be both an educational but also nurturing. 
      K. Lloyd
    • We have a son in the K-5 program at HudsonWay Immersion School, and it’s been a great experience. Our son is happy and excited about going to school every day. The level of Mandarin fluency he’s achieved is remarkable. After one year, he was able to present his science fair project from start to finish in Mandarin Chinese with ease. His ability to do math in both English and Chinese and move fluidly from one language to another as if he were a native speaker of both is incredible. The level of math taught at HudsonWay is more advanced than what students his age are learning at other top private schools in New York City, and his English reading and writing abilities are on par with kids his age in English-language private schools. Some of the other reviews mention disorganized e-mails and turnover by teachers, administrators and students. While this may have been true a couple years ago, it’s not an issue now and shouldn’t be a concern for families considering applying. There was turnover with administrative staff and teachers that accompanied a change in leadership at HudsonWay, which is not surprising in times of change and transition, but the school leadership has been stable for a couple years now and works well together. We’ve found the administration to be responsive to parent feedback, and the teachers are skilled and nurturing. Regarding students leaving HudsonWay after pre-school, it’s not unusual for parents to choose a more “traditional” English-speaking private primary schools in New York City starting in Kindergarten, so this is personal preference and not necessarily an indication of lack of confidence in HudsonWay. As for students leaving in elementary school which makes class sizes smaller the higher the grade level, this is a challenge for all language immersion schools (not just HudsonWay), that is, when a student leaves because their family moves to another city, it’s hard to fill that open spot because an incoming student entering in grade 2 would need to be able to read and write several hundred Chinese characters, for example. If Mandarin Chinese language fluency and having a child who’s culturally fluent and globally minded is important to you, then you should definitely consider HudsonWay immersion school. We’ve had a positive experience at HudsonWay Immersion School and recommend it. 
      Parent on
    • HudsonWay Immersion School, previously called Bilingual Buds, is a great school. We have been going there for the past 3 years, since pre-school and now to 1st-2nd grade, and have been happy with the school and grateful to have found a Chinese immersion program in the city, which is so rare. It is a wonderful school with a lovely group of parents, kids and teacher community. Everyone has different criteria's when it comes to school selection - and you have to find the type of school and environment that is right for you and your family. Ours was definately the bilingual/tri-lingual immersion at an early age. Our children have thrived at HudsonWay, and we have found a wonderful group of people here that our children have grown up with over the years. The HudsonWay Immersion School community is made up of families from all over the world and with different backgrounds, but all with common goals in mind in terms of exposing our children to the highest quality education, in small classroom sizes and with a great sense of community and a diverse group of globally minded people. The school's mission is to provide the most comprehensive and dynamic immersion education curriculum for students in Preschool - 5th grade that will enable them to grow into bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural thinkers who can successfully navigate, impact and change the world. We can't say enough about how much we love this school and feel so lucky to be part of the HudsonWay Immersion School family!   
      Parent on
    • Laura
      I saw a real benefit to be differentiated learning where they meet the child at each individual child’s level.   For example, my kids love math – and they are doing it a year ahead of other students.  Teachers work with you wherever they are and take them to the next level.
    • Colleen
      The teachers here have been phenomenal.  They’ve been able to identify where my child needed extra help.  Soon after joining in 2nd grade she made leaps and bounds from not understanding 60% of what was going on during the first 1-2 months, to now actively participating in the class a few months later.    
    • Miranda
      I have 3 children at HWIS.  My family is not a heritage family.  My oldest son started in 1st grade.  He was quiet for the first few months but by Christmas he was speaking in full sentences.  Everyone as shocked at what he could do.  He is also strong in math and would have been bored at another schoolbut he’s flourishing here.  He is doing algebra in 5th grade and he loves it.  From my experiencemy children are performing with the top students across all subjects including English. 
    • John
      We speak Mandarin at home but being in the school takes it to another level.   They are learning scientific terms that you wouldn’t get at home.  They see peers speaking Mandarin so it’s a natural part of their world.  it’s nice to see my son speaking with his classmates in Mandarin.  One thing we’ve seen is that our kids are learning English and Mandarin simultaneously – they can learn to do both – it's not either or – it helps both together. 
    • Irene
      I own a Chinese preschool in CT and I looked at schools in NYC and this is the only one that is true immersion.  I have a daughter and son here and couldn’t be happier.  I am supremely pleased with English.  They read above grade level which is 100% the school because I only speak Mandarin with them.  My children are very comfortable with Mandarin even in public.  My daughter can’t wait to come to school every day.  it’s a dream come true that HWIS is adding middle school to 8th grade.  HWIS is a gem in the city.  
    • Jenn
      We’ve been here for 6 years at HWIS.   Before this we lived in Europe where our friends’ children were learning multiple languages.   It has been a phenomenal experience.  Our 2nd grader can read, write, speak in Mandarin and we don’t speak it at home.  The best part is that our children are learning the material and doing their own homework - not needing help from me.  We came into this thinking about preschool but after seeing how well they are doing, we don’t see any option other than to stay until they graduate. 
    • Reema
      We believe language is a powerful tool and you have to start early.  We felt being Indian and learning Mandarin would make my son stand out.  The warm at the school has been amazing.  It feels like home for my son and he’s excited to come to school. After 1 year I see big developments – he's inquisitive and speaks and understands Mandarin now.  I feel my 4-hour commute each day is worth it.  
    • Adriana 
      My daughter has been enjoying online classes. She enjoys doing easy to follow crafts in class and learning Chinese songs. The teachers are warm and friendly and are able to connect with my daughter even virtually. 
      Parent of 3-year-old attended HWIS virtual camp the first time
    • Lisa
      The online camp has been a great way for my kids to continue the Mandarin Chinese instruction this summer without it feeling like “school”. There was a nice mix of various activities to engage the children and keep them learning.
      Parent of 3 children ages 7-12yrs old attended HWIS virtual camp
    • Nyema
      HWIS's Virtual Camp provided my child with a fun way to stay connected with friends, explore new uses for some common household items, and to continue practicing her target language. 
      Parent of 5-year-old attended HWIS virtual camp 
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