Giving: The Navigator's Fund (501c3)

Purpose: To financially support other organizations that provide Spanish or Mandarin language and cultural education for children at the preschool through 8th grade level in the New York City metropolitan area.

Qualifying organization:
Any public, non-profit or for-profit organization or individual in the geographic area noted that provides language and/or cultural educational activities for this age group of children for the specified languages or training in support of these programs. Such organizations could include musical or theater groups, libraries, schools (especially language immersion programs where a significant portion of the instruction is in the target language) or other programs (like after-school programs) that provide language or cultural education in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.

Uses of Funds:
a. Teacher training.
b. Student scholarships to attend language education schools or programs.
c. Teacher scholarships for coursework or degrees in second language instruction or early childhood or elementary education (since many of the language teachers have training only in language instruction).
d. Artists-in-residence or other musical/visual arts groups to expose the children to the art, music, and culture of Mandarin and Spanish speaking countries.
e. Other Mandarin or Spanish language and cultural programs for children.

Donations can directly benefit HWIS students or teachers but not the school itself.

If you have questions about The Navigator's Fund, please contact Bill Hicks, email:

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