Photo of Miranda Chen
Miranda Chen
Mandarin, Grades 2-3

Miranda has an MA in Applied Linguistics from Brock University, Ontario, Canada and a BA in English Literature from Tamkang University, Taipei. Before leaving to take care of her two small children, Miranda worked in HWIS for three years. She loved her experience so much that Miranda will join HWIS, again, as head teacher for this school year.

Photo of Lucy Hao
Lucy Hao
Mandarin, Preschool 1

Lucy is originally from Beijing and graduated from the Beijing Language and Culture University, majoring in English language and literature. She has an MA from Seton Hall University in New Jersey and is currently pursuing her second Master’s in Early Childhood and Special Education. This will be her seventh year in HWIS teaching toddlers through after school students. Previous to this experience, she taught Mandarin in heritage programs and at the high school level.

Photo of Dongmei Li
Dongmei Li
Mandarin, Preschool 1

Dongmei is a certified Teacher of Mandarin in the State of New Jersey. She received a BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Beijing University, Beijing, China. She has taught at the preschool and middle school levels in China and in the USA. We would like to welcome Dongmei Laoshi to the HWIS family. Dongmei will teach Preschool 1.

Photo of Fang Peng
Fang Peng
Mandarin, Grade 1

Fang Laoshi has an MA from Rutgers State University. She is a NJ State certified Teacher of Chinese. She also earned a BS in Engineering from Tongji University, Shanghai. Fang has taught elementary levels in the Linden Public Schools and Livingston’s Huaxia Chinese School and at the Key Elementary Learning Center. She is very honored to become part of the HudsonWay Immersion School faculty.

Photo of Huijuan Wu
Huijuan Wu
Mandarin, Preschool 2

Huijuan received an MA in Asian Studies from Seton Hall University and an MA in Education in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Minzu University of China. She acquired a BA in History from Harbin Normal University in Harbin, China. She is also a performer and an instructor of Tijiquan (similar to KungFu). Huijuan Laoshi is very excited to join the HWIS faculty. She will teach Preschool 2.

Photo of Jing Wu
Jing Wu
Mandarin, Kindergarten

Jing Wu received her MA in Education and Early Intervention from the University of Pittsburgh. She has worked with young children for the past four years. She loves teaching and feels truly fortunate to find a passion in life that is so rewarding. Her favorite child’s book is “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” This will be Jing’s second year in HWIS.

Photo of Jian Zhang
Jian Zhang
Mandarin, Preschool

Jian hails from Shanghai, China and is a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Japanese. Jian has taught Japanese as a Second Language to K-3rd graders. He received an MBA from Bellevue University in Nebraska and a BA in Foreign Languages from Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China. Jian is excited to join the HWIS faculty and will support instruction P1-3.

Photo of Rosario Bernabeu Fernandez
Rosario Bernabeu Fernandez
Spanish, Grades 2 – 5

Rosario is originally from Spain. She has a degree in Sociology from the University of Alicante, a degree in Teaching and is in the process of acquiring an MA in Applied Linguistics. Rosario has a certificate in the teaching of second language. She worked as a Teacher of Spanish for pre-K3 and 4 in Bright Horizons and in Saint Mary’s Prep. She loves working with children.

Photo of Blanca Diaz
Blanca Diaz
Spanish, Grades 2 – 5

Originally trained as a lawyer in Cuba, Blanca made a career change and became certified as a Spanish teacher and Preschool through Grade 3 teacher in NJ. Blanca has nearly fifteen years of experience as a preschool and elementary school teacher in Cuba and in NJ.

Photo of Ada Mahoney
Ada Mahoney
Spanish, Preschool 1

Ada has a background in education from the University of Panama where she also taught for 3 years as a kindergarten and elementary teacher. In the U.S., Ada has taught children ranging from preschool through elementary age in content subjects and Spanish. Ada is state certified in Preschool Education.

Photo of Ana P. Miranda
Ana P. Miranda
Spanish, Preschool 1

Señorita Patty has taught in the HWIS After School language program for two years. She holds a BS in Business Administration from la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras and an Associate of Arts in Education from Liberty University. We welcome Patty to our day school program. Señorita Patty will teach Preschool 1.

Photo of Elizabeth Nardone
Elizabeth Nardone
Spanish, Preschool 2

Elizabeth received a BA in Early Childhood Education from Sacred Heart University in Lima, Peru. She is a certified Teacher of Spanish in the state of New Jersey. Señorita Elizabeth has taught early elementary students in Salta (Jump Immersion School) for the last two years. Prior to Salta, Elizabeth taught in HWIS. She is excited to rejoin the HWIS family and will teach Preschool 2.

Photo of Paula Olarte
Paula Olarte
Spanish, K-1

Paula received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and an Associate degree in International Studies from St. Peter’s College. She taught in HoLa Hoboken Dual Language Charter School and Englewood Public Schools as an immersion teacher.

Photo of Michelle Salazar
Michelle Salazar
Spanish, Preschool 2

Michelle is currently pursuing her BA in Education from Kean University. Her Associate degree is in Early Childhood. Michelle taught at the YMCA Little Stars Preschool and the Rainbow Academy. Señorita Michelle joined the HWIS faculty in April of last school year. She will teach Preschool 2 in the fall.

Photo of Michelle McGrane
Michelle McGrane

Michelle has an MA in Early Childhood Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She has experience teaching in early childhood environments and in special education classes. She is trained and implements Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI, RTII). She recently moved to New Jersey when she commenced working at HWIS in the spring.

Photo of Raelen Anne Donahue
Raelen Anne Donahue

Raelen is a resident of Chatham, New Jersey. She has taught at the preschool and elementary levels in private and public schools. Raelen graduated with honors from Kean University. She received a BA in Elementary Education and Mathematical Sciences. She also authored a research paper on how to prevent bullying. Raelen is very excited to join the HWIS family. This will be Raelen’s first year with HWIS.

Photo of Diamonto Tsilios
Diamonto Tsilios

Diamanto graduated with honors from William Paterson University. She received a BA in Elementary Education. She holds a Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification and an English Literature Certification. Diamanto has taught at the preschool and elementary levels. She is very happy to join the HWIS family and to have the opportunity to work with the HWIS ELA team.