With Shanghai, Beijing and Xian as the setting, HudsonWay Immersion School offered families the learning adventure of a lifetime!

This summer HudsonWay Immersion School organized a unique summer camp experience for students ages 5-12 and their families interested in furthering language skills, exposure to culture and interaction with local students. This was the second time hosting this trip, building on the very successful summer camp in Beijing in 2011.

Taking place over 2 1⁄2 weeks, the trip started in Beijing for 4 days, continued in Shanghai for two weeks, and ended with an optional extension to Xian for 3 days. The school immersion experience took place on the beautiful campus at the YK Pao school where students had the opportunity to interact with other students around the world learning Mandarin, as well as local students engaged in sports, culture, and games. Parents were offered a unique opportunity to experience tours, shopping, and cultural experiences on their own while children attended school. Parents and children came together during evenings and weekends for dinners, shows and sightseeing. Students had the opportunity to experience true immersion and experience the context for the value of their language learning.

The Family Summer Abroad is a program designed to provide the opportunity for young children to connect with local students abroad.