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Remote Learning Offered Across US

HudsonWay Immersion School offers full immersion for preschool, elementary, and middle school students in either Mandarin/English or Spanish/English.

For the 2021-2022 school year HudsonWay Immersion School is offering an online Mandarin or Spanish immersion option for students in grades K-5 living outside the NJ/NYC area. Students in our program develop strong academic outcomes, while becoming bilingual and bi-literate in Mandarin or Spanish. Here how:
· Full immersion with the majority of the time in the target language
· Language proficiency 45% higher vs. other immersion programs
· Average class sizes under 10 students
· Experienced, native-speaking teachers
Our remote learning features an optimal mix of pre-recorded and live classes, one on one sessions and specials for a full day of engaging learning.

Read what some parents have said about our remote learning….



I’ve been very impressed with all the teachers and administrators during this time. They have created a great schedule and are working so hard to run their classes and provide a seamless experience. Although it’s a hectic day for me, I have been very happy with the live classes and work assignments. I appreciate the school going above and beyond during this time!  

Leah and Andy


Leah and I are both school leaders ourselves and have high expectations for our children and for HWIS, and we know when teachers are being effective and really going ABOVE AND BEYOND.  I have been observing Zoom classes for my kids and I see your teachers are truly making a powerful difference, even with their own kids at home, too.  It's heartening and inspirational.  We will be forever grateful …every minute of every day does make a difference.  

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    About HudsonWay

    Founded in 2005, HudsonWay Immersion School is the first Mandarin and Spanish immersion school in the Tri-State area. Students begin in preschool 2’s and continue through grade 8 in a full immersion environment supported by credentialed teachers. Our students have superior English and Math scores on standardized tests relative to independent school peers as well as higher language proficiency scores in Mandarin and Spanish as compared to other immersion schools.

    In addition, 90% of HudsonWay graduates are admitted to their top choice independent school. And when comparing tuition with other top-tier independent schools, HWIS provides exceptional value.