Dear HudsonWay Families,

On behalf of the HWISPA, we’d like to welcome everyone back to school for the 2017‐2018 school year. We look forward to working together on behalf of the HudsonWay parents to build an engaged school
community and to support the school in creating an outstanding learning environment for the students. The HWISPA officers are excited about reinvigorating the HWISPA organization and have been busy planning an active and exciting school year. We look forward to having you get involved.

What is HWISPA? And why YOU should get involved!

HWISPA is the HudsonWay Immersion School Parents Association. Our mission is to represent the parent community at Hudson Way, promote a sense of community among the families and the administration, support the school in creating an outstanding learning environment for the students, and enrich the student experience through organizing school‐wide events and activities and fundraising.

We welcome all parents and guardians of HudsonWay students to be members of HWISPA. There are many ways to participate, and you can be as active as you’d like, whether it’s becoming an HWISPA officer or volunteering for some of our many upcoming events and activities. If you’re interested in getting involved with HWISPA, please contact any of the officers listed at the bottom of this letter via email hwispany@gmail.com or signup on the website www.hwis.org/hwispany.

HWISPA Programs & Fundraising

The parents of HudsonWay share a common bond: We believe it’s important for our children to be well versed in multiple languages and different cultures in an increasingly globalizing world. Our children attend HudsonWay because we want them to be prepared for the future and thrive in the global arena.

To this end, we will be launching fundraising efforts this school year in order to equip the school with top‐quality resources that improve the learning environment for our children, such as providing technology support for students in the classroom, purchasing more books for the school library, and programs to help support teachers. It’s important for all of us to fundraise in order to achieve these goals.

To create a strong sense of community among the HudsonWay families, we will be organizing a number of
activities this year, including: Welcome Picnic/Autumn Moon Festival, Apple Picking, Movie Night, Ice
Skating Outing, Chinese New Year Celebration, Book Fair, Teacher Appreciation, Field Day/End of Year
Picnic, and Yearbook. In order to sponsor these activities, we are collecting annual HWISPA dues from all HudsonWay families in the amount of $100 per day‐school student and $50 per after‐school student. If you didn’t submit payment with your tuition, you have the option of paying via PayPal (send payment to PayPal account hwispany@gmail.com) or via check made out to “HWISPA” and mailed to: HWISPA c/o Andrew McBrien, 80 Riverside Blvd, New York, NY 10069. Deadline is September 15, 2017.

We look forward to a great year together!


Miranda Perkins    Arthur Wong    Andrew McBrien    John Karanikolas    Justin Kane