Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

Start Right Chess (ages pre-K through 2nd grade)

Time: Every Thursday – 3:45-4:45pm, 9 weekly classes per session starting Thursday 4/5 with the last session on Thursday 6/7.

Tuition Fee: $270 per session

Chess is thinking, and chess is fun! Therefore, not surprisingly, chess is rocket fuel for developing human brains.  Benefits of high-quality chess instruction have been shown to include improved verbal, spatial, and mathematical reasoning, as well as improved focus, decision making, and self-esteem.

We are excited to introduce new after school enrichment classes to the HWIS children this Spring! All classes are scheduled to begin the week of April 23! Sign up now!

Times: 4:00-5:00 pm at HWIS

Tuition: $200 for 6 weeks (all materials and equipments included)

Below listed are classes will be offered:

Tuesday: Crazy magicians: ages 6-11Y

Learn the science of creating mind blowing illusions to amaze your friends and family. Learn some simple tricks you can perform anywhere with cards, ropes, paper, napkins etc. along with some magic words.

Wednesday: Jr. Robotics: ages 6-11Y

Using LEGO® parts and LEGO® WeDo graphic programming to build robots. Robo Bricks enrichment program participants learn software engineering, technology, entrepreneurship and math (STEM). During each lesson, students will assemble a robot that will perform a predetermined task. Constructing these robots will develop each student’s ability to create computer algorithms and capability to implement those computed codes.

Thursday: 3D modeling: ages 4-6Y

This unique program by crazy Explorers guides kids to build and design unique 3d models using specialized techniques of origami, Eva Foam kits, 3d puzzle kits , modelling clay as well as custom designed architectural building kits.

Friday: Online game design: ages 7-12Y

Learn to Code with Minecraft Modding. This spring, kids will use drag and drop programming to rapidly create Minecraft mods and deploy them with » 1-click. Whether they want to turn water into gold, build instant cities, or create multi-player games, their imagination is the only limit. Learn to build and play minecraft games.