Preschool Curriculum

Our Model

The mission of HWIS is to develop global citizens ready to Navigate the World® and that begins in our Preschool. Starting at an early age takes advantage of a critical window in which the young mind is receptive to certain types of input, one being language. While other schools may use either a FLEX or FLES model for language acquisition, HWIS uses an immersion model. Students learn subject matter (math, science, social studies, and language arts) using the target language as the vehicle.  

By teaching the second language through educational content, students become proficient speakers in a second language while maintaining and strengthening their native language. Apart from becoming bilingual, this model supports enhanced mental development, a greater appreciation for other cultures, and increased opportunities in the future.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Creative Curriculum® provides teachers with the content and tools needed to encourage and support the needs of every type of learner. Through hands-on learning and discovery, children become creative, flexible, and confident thinkers bluedoublearrow
  •  We use differentiated instruction in our preschool classrooms to accelerate academic growth and language proficiency. This technique makes class material more interesting, transferable, and retainable for each student bluedoublearrow
  • We provide a stimulating atmosphere with many opportunities for exploration and inquiry. Themes are studied in depth, integrating learning across disciplines such as language arts, math, science and social studies

Our Leaders

  • HWIS’s three educational leaders are early childhood education experts, with over 65 years of immersion experience combined. Our proven model and instructional strategies are based on their extensive research and experience, adhering to childhood development best practices
  • Our staff receives continual professional development and support from the leadership
  • Our preschool curriculum is powered by open-endedness, encouraging children to become curious, independent, and engaged learners from a young age bluedoublearrow