Benefits of Immersion

Immersion programs in the US have grown 94% from 1981 to 2011. The rise in popularity can be attributed to the benefits of an immersion education. Research continues to find more and more benefits which are not only academic but cognitive, creative, and social.

Students who learn in an immersion environment gain more than just an additional language. They are given skills to help them succeed for their rest of their lives.

Immersion Schools in the US

Center for Applied Linguistics

Educational Benefits

  • An immersion program is the best way to learn a new language as it allows for students to achieve high speaking and literacy skills
  • Because students have different language levels immersion classrooms use differentiated instruction and flexible groupings allowing students to learn at their own pace and without limits bluedoublearrow
  • Students with an immersion education score high on standardized tests, scoring as well as or better than their non-immersion peers, even in English bluedoublearrow
  • Classrooms are not just language immersion but cultural immersion as well, giving them a greater appreciation for different traditions and perspectives

Cognitive Benefits

  • Students in an immersion environment become more flexible thinkers and excel at critical thinking and problem solving. When presented with a problem, they are able to look for more than one solution bluedoublearrow
  • The mental stretch students receive in an immersion classroom helps develop their executive function (cognitive control), allowing them to have better focus, juggle multiple tasks, and adapt to changing conditions bluedoublearrow
  • The skills gained through an immersion education make students more appealing to prospective employers when entering the workforce

Our Approach to Immersion