A Look Inside Our Spanish Immersion Preschool Classrooms

HWIS’ native speaking teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, including Spain & Latin America. This tends to broaden our students’ exposure to & respect for different colloquialisms, regional differences, and cultures. Our objective for preschoolers in our Spanish immersion program is to build a solid foundation for comprehension & fluency. The Language Arts curriculum introduces the Spanish alphabet beginning in the first year of the program, with a focus on the mechanics of Spanish writing—such as spelling, syntax, and the use of accents—starting in pre-kindergarten (age 4).

Starting at an early age, children develop an appreciation for Spanish & Latin American culture, through exposure to music, stories, food, holidays, and art. Each year preschool students perform a Spanish Winter Show, which brings culture alive on stage!

Creating in 3D supports development of oral language and critical thought Preschoolers 3D Drawings, HWIS

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