Elementary Entry Program (EEP)

For students entering immersion for Grades K through 5

Through our Elementary Entry Program (EEP), students without prior exposure to Mandarin or Spanish will be given the support they need to be successful in a Kindergarten through Grade 5 immersion environment. The program is designed for bright and motivated students in search of an academic challenge.

During the school day, students will learn alongside our current immersion students, and be provided extra support through after school tutoring, to ensure their success in learning academic content in a new language. Eligibility for EEP will be assessed as part of the admissions process. Spaces per grade are limited.

After two years students can catch up to the level of students on the primary immersion track. By the time students graduate HWIS in fifth grade, they will have achieved a high level of proficiency in the target language. These students are prepared to move on to some of the most prestigious schools in the area.

Everyone is very supportive here - I was impressed! Regina, Parent of EEP student