A Look Inside Our Mandarin Immersion Preschool Classrooms

Exposure to the tones and richness of the Mandarin language is critical at an early age when a child's mind can more easily understand and replicate sounds. Students who do not come from Mandarin-speaking households are able to achieve native-like fluency.

From the start, we expose children to the Chinese Language System of Simplified Characters. Our Mandarin objective for preschoolers is to build a solid foundation for comprehension & fluency. The environment is literacy-rich, exploring topics in depth, to build vocabulary and foster cognitive skills. Starting at age 4, character recognition, strokes, and writing are introduced.

Throughout the preschool experience, children develop an understanding & appreciation of Chinese culture through exposure to songs, stories, food, holidays, art, and geography. We celebrate Chinese New Year with a school-wide event, with even our youngest preschoolers participating on stage!

Peek Inside a Mandarin Preschool Music Class Preschool Music Class, HWIS

The Admissions Process

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