Is your child gifted and ready for a challenge in school? Are you interested in a small class and differentiated instruction while learning in a new language? It’s not too late to join our immersion program and begin the journey to becoming bilingual and bicognitive!  We provide the support for capable and motivated students and heritage language learners entering grades 1-3 with little or no prior language experience to join our late entry immersion program (LEIP). Depending on the child, the LEIP program may also be extended to select kindergarten students.

Here students will learn alongside our current immersion students, and will be provided extra support with after school tutoring to ensure success in learning academic content in a new language. There is an extra fee per school year associated with this program. Students must be assessed to be accepted to the program. Spaces per grade are limited.

Accepting students for the 2016-2017 academic year.

To learn more, please contact our director, Elizabeth Willaum.