NJ - Student Listening in Class 1 copyWe offer a challenging academic program combined with unique exposure to authentic cultural experiences that provides an education well suited for the 21st century.

 HWIS uses its own proprietary curriculum, specifically designed for early childhood to 5th grade immersion. The curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey and New York Core Curriculum Standards, but our approach to implementing the curriculum at the classroom level is unique, reflecting our school’s mission.

Our model maximizes exposure to the target language in the early preschool years at 100-90% of instructional time, gradually increasing English to represent 60% in 4th and 5th grade.

In this way, we enable students to increase the likelihood of developing language proficiency which then deepens their ability to master academic content in the target language. Classes conducted in English are taught by a native English speaker. The alignment of target language and English instruction allows for synergistic learning.

Our small, multi-age classrooms offer students individualized instruction and differentiated instruction within a diverse learning community.