Our Results


This chart shows a correlation between the number of years enrolled at HWIS and cognitive development. Note that 63% of students at HWIS for four years or longer tested as gifted—100% were either gifted or above average—while 7% of students enrolled after 1 year were assessed as gifted. This supports the research showing that students gain enhanced cognitive abilities as a result of being enrolled in immersion programs.

Even though they receive instruction in English for only 20% of the day in Kindergarten and 1st grade, when assessed by standardized testing in English, HWIS students outperform students of Gifted & Talented public schools and independent schools nationwide.


Avant 4se
This chart shows the proficiency level achieved by our grade 3 students in the Mandarin program, across both campuses, as compared to the national norm for Mandarin immersion students in the U.S. in grades 3 and 6. The Avant 4se is specifically designed for immersion students, and assesses listening, speaking, reading, and writing skill levels.