At HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS) we pride ourselves on creating an environment where you can grow and develop. We are still small enough that you can learn things outside of the traditional boundaries of your job description. You are encouraged to talk to others in different departments, learn new skills, work on interdepartmental projects and/or committees, and develop both personally and professionally. As a matter of fact, we require it. We work to support, challenge, and inspire each other, so we can all succeed together.

School Facts

  • We are a privately held organization committed to providing a premier immersion education for children ages 2-12.
  • We are based in Stirling, NJ and on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
  • Our founders started this school for their own children and are dedicated to supporting and encouraging staff in a family-oriented way.
  • We have been in existence for 12 years and continue to grow while providing top quality immersion curriculum.
  • We are always seeking passionate individuals who are innovative, self-starters and believe in our educational mission.

Discover our school culture to see what we strive to be, how we work, and what’s important to us – these are the key principles that reflect the kind of School we are.

Our Vision

“Navigate the World”

Our School’s vision is to prepare our children to be global citizens who are intellectually curious, culturally aware and linguistically capable. We remain flexible and proactive, and what we do is just as important as how we do it. The statement “Navigate the World” speaks to our students’ preparation to chart their own course in the world. The School and our employees share a belief in our Core Values.

Core Values

Our Core Values are the key principles that reflect the kind of School HWIS is, the beliefs of our employees, and how we conduct business. Our values reflect what is truly important to our community. They serve to unify our students, parents, staff and administration because they create a common sense of purpose that underlies our work as well as our behavior. They motivate us and guide our decisions.

  • Respect Working together, we recognize the dignity and worth of each person, their feelings and viewpoints and strive to treat others as we would want to be treated. We are sensitive to our different cultural norms.
  • Integrity We are trustworthy in our work and dealings with others and fulfill our commitments. We listen. We value open and honest communication in an environment where information can be freely shared.
  • Quality We have a shared commitment to the highest standards of performance with our academic quality, teaching, curriculum, administration and operations.
  • Teamwork We are dedicated to working together and bringing the viewpoints of others in to consideration. We believe in each other. We engage one another. We understand the expectations and requirements of parents, students and alumni, staff and faculty. We act with these constituencies in mind.
  • Accountability – We acknowledge responsibility for our actions, decisions, behaviors, successes and failures. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for doing our best and following the curriculum and rules of the School.
  • Innovation – We are committed to continuous improvement and discovering creative resolutions to problems. We welcome new ideas and methods for better solutions. We want to stay current with new research, services, technologies, and business models.
  • Communication/planning – We believe in conveying information honestly and with clarity. We share our process of thinking about the activities required to achieve our desired goals. It involves the creation, implementation and maintenance of a plan – from concept through revision and frequent evaluation.
  • Customer Service – We strive to offer excellent customer service all the time. Through this important part of maintaining ongoing client relationships, which is key to continuing revenue, we work hard to increase our customer satisfaction levels.
  • Transparency – We work with the availability of information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making. No hidden agendas or conditions are necessary as we share our vision, goals and expectations.

Creating a vital and healthy culture is ongoing work. We collaboratively seek to attain these values each and every day, in all of our activities. As a community, we embrace supporting each other in both success and failure along with measuring progress.