We believe children should be given the opportunity to become multilingual, global citizens who are flexible and creative thinkers. HWIS recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary and through work involving our community of faculty, administrators, and parents, values felt to be most important to the school for the next 10 years were identified:

  • We communicate – we strive to effectively communicate to all affected parties completely, with integrity and with compassion.
  • We believe in each other – we work as a team with the belief that everyone is trying to do his/her best job and with the best of intentions.
  • We are tactical planners – we try our best to anticipate, plan with the end in mind, and organize to achieve results.
  • We listen – we seek feedback from all parties and consider intent and meaning.
  • We celebrate – we value the individual and take time to recognize individual and group achievements.
  • We are accountable – we seek to set goals, measure progress and adjust based on the outcomes.
  • We are innovators – we continually seek to improve and look both internally and externally for new ideas.