HudsonWay Immersion School – Today

  • A school with two campuses in Stirling, NJ and the Upper West side of Manhattan, NYC enrolling more than 170 day school students. The school has been funded solely by the founders and operating funds have consistently been re-invested into the program.
  • Highly experienced immersion educational leaders, fluent in the target languages and best practices in immersion.
  • A staff of over 40 professionals trained and deeply committed to our mission and values.
  • Over 10 years of experience with all aspects of operating a preschool through Grade 5 program. We offer Mandarin immersion in both campuses and Spanish is an additional immersion track at the NJ location.
  • A member of the Asia Society’s Chinese Early Language Immersion Network (CELIN). Membership in this organization, which is by invitation only, is exclusive to leading Mandarin immersion programs.
  • Superior academic testing results (ERB) of our grades 2-5 students, despite less instructional time in English compared to traditional schools. HWIS students consistently outperform gifted and talented public school programs and independent schools across all subject areas, at every grade level.
  • Unprecedented Mandarin and Spanish proficiency levels. When compared to other immersion schools, our students surpass immersion benchmarks on the ACTFL proficiency scale.
  • A developer of unique summer immersion camp programs abroad where children as young as age 5 travel abroad with their families to join local children in an immersion environment.
  • An engaged and committed parent community.