Fast Facts


Year HWIS opened its doors as NY/NJ’s first Mandarin and Spanish independent immersion school


Number of Campuses – NYC and Stirling, NJ


Square footage of our new NYC campus in Midtown West, Manhattan


Square footage of our Stirling, NJ campus


Faculty and staff


Percentage of our teachers who at least one master’s degree


Average student to teacher ratio


Combined number of day school students enrolled in our NYC and Stirling, NJ campuses


Year we graduate our first class of Grade 8 students


Percentage of our students scoring above the national average in English language arts


Percentage of students enrolled in our program for 4+ years testing as gifted


Percentage of students who do not speak their target language (Mandarin or Spanish) at home


Percentage of students who are exposed to a third language at home

HWIS. . .

  • Is committed to developing highly experienced immersion educational leaders in the best practices in immersion.
  • Is a member of the Asia Society’s Chinese Early Language Immersion Network (CELIN). Membership in this organization, which is by invitation only, is exclusive to leading Mandarin immersion programs.
  • Achieves unprecedented Mandarin and Spanish proficiency levels. When compared to other immersion schools, our students surpass immersion benchmarks on the ACTFL proficiency scale.
  • Leads in developing unique immersion camp programs abroad where children as young as age 5 travel abroad with their families to join local children in an immersion environment.
  • Has an engaged, committed, and vibrant parent community.
  • Achieves superior academic testing results of our grades 2–5 students despite less instructional time in English compared to traditional schools.

Learn More About Our Results

HWIS students consistently outperform students at gifted and talented public school programs and independent schools across all subject areas, at every grade level.