immersion preschool

The HWIS Preschool Experience

Welcome to Preschool!

We begin at an early age, when children’s brains are uniquely able to acquire a second language, building a strong foundation for academic learning in two languages. In our preschool program, we develop the important social and emotional skills necessary for strengthening and solidifying children’s early learning experiences. Children learn how to explore new ideas, take risks, use context clues, work independently, cooperate with classmates, follow instructions, and maintain self-control.

A HWIS Immersion Journey

  • A full day preschool experience allows children the time to learn routines and develop social skills. At HWIS, children receive the added benefit of being immersed in an additional language, allowing for faster language acquisition and academic growth
  • Our native speaking staff provide students with a nurturing environment to learn and grow
  • Some children go through a “silent period,” where they are immersed in the target language but cannot yet form their own words and sentences. In time, this silent period ends and students develop into proficient speakers bluedoublearrow

See it in Action!


Creativity. Movement. Multicultural Learning.

  • On a daily basis, students are provided with opportunities for creative work through various artistic and musical activities

  • Teachers provide our students with an early understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking supported by cultural activities and events, including the annual Chinese New Year Celebration and Spanish Winter Show

  • Movement is an important part of our preschool classrooms as it allows students to exercise gross motor skills

A Typical Day in Our Preschool Includes:

  • Centers (Math, Science, Dramatic Play, Art, etc)
  • Specials (Music, Art, PE)
  • Free Choice
  • Outdoor Recess
  • Morning and Afternoon Meetings
  • English and Spanish or Mandarin Language Arts
  • Snack, Lunch, Nap / Quiet Time