The HWIS Immersion Experience

Welcome to Elementary School!

Our preschool program creates a strong foundation so that our kindergarten students are well prepared to deepen academic learning. They are actively engaged in project based learning, which promotes collaboration, research, writing and critical thinking skills. Students continue to learn all content (Language Arts, Math, Science Social Studies) in the target language; however, as they get older more English is introduced into curriculum. It is important to know that English and the target language are taught separately. Our teachers work together to ensure the content does not overlap. 

By the time students graduate HWIS in fifth grade, they have achieved a high level of proficiency in the target language and move on to some of the most prestigious schools in the area.

An HWIS Immersion Journey

  • Through strong educational leadership, a  progressive curriculum, highly skilled teachers, and a commitment to professional development, HWIS has built an environment that helps students reach high levels of proficiency in Mandarin and Spanish. The best way to understand is to see it. We invite you to view our classroom videos on this page and then speak to an Admissions team member bluedoublearrow
  • All our teachers receive professional development before the start of each school year to master immersion best practices from educational experts. HWIS schedules additional professional development throughout the year and Assistant Directors provide continual personalized feedback
  • One of our most asked questions is “What if our family doesn’t speak Mandarin or Spanish at home?” Having the ability to support the language at home is not a requirement. In fact, many HWIS families speak English or another language in the home and it does not inhibit target language acquisition and development.
  • While we believe learning a second language is something best started at the preschool level, HWIS does offer a program for student entering our school at K and up. Our Late Entry Immersion Program (LEIP) gives elementary students the additional support they need to reach the language levels of students that graduated from our preschool bluedoublearrow

See it in Action!

More than Language Learning

  • Immersion students have advanced mathematical skill development, capable of achieving as well as or higher than non-immersion peers on standardized measures of math bluedoublearrow

  • HWIS students are proficient in the latest technology, frequently using Chromebooks, SMARTboards, and tablets to enhance the classroom experience
  • Our Artists-in-Residence Program allows students to participate in specialized programs led by professionals in the areas of art and music
  • HWIS believes in flexible grouping, which allow students learn at their pace and without limits. Throughout the year, the educational staff evaluates a student’s progress and make changes as needed

After HWIS

HWIS students graduate not only with proficiency in English and the target language, but also with the skills to continue excelling academically, to communicate with the world around them, and with an appreciation for diversity and new adventures. These benefits allow our graduates to gain entrance to some of the most prestigious schools in the area.